I originally went to school to become the next Katie Couric, instead became an art major (I'm sure my parents were thrilled) and graduated with a degree in graphic design. 

After purchasing my first camera while working as a graphic designer for a pretty large healthcare company, I was quickly put to work as the fill-in photographer. I took headshots of our executives and did lots of retouching by request (which made me pretty popular).

It wasn't until I quit my job to become a stay at home mama that I really started to fall in love with photography. The photos that I took were the complete opposite of the dreary, posed and doctored studio portraits I had taken. My favorite photos were always full of natural joy and lots of natural light. I started taking photos of friends and family with those same attributes and with some gentle nudging of love and confidence by my husband, I started my own business. 

When I don't have a camera in my hands, I'm usually reading, listening to podcasts while cooking or cleaning, or watching YouTube cleaning videos to get me in the mood to clean (sometimes I just watch them and don't clean at all), all the while continually chasing my son.