The C Family, Plainfield Family Session

Happy Friday! I decided to kick off the first of my posts with a Friday Introduction of sorts. I'm really bad at introductions. In an age of oversharing, I tend to be hesitant and reluctant to shout "look at me, look at me", I value privacy. And yet, to be a photographer is to constantly share your perspective through imagery. So in trying to brainstorm what I could write to introduce myself, I had the realization that currently I feel defined by a lot of "now" and "thens". Former corporate in-house and stationery designer, former military wife, former renter and nomad. New home owner, new Chicagoland implant, new business owner and portrait photographer, new friend.

My husband and I met two weeks before he left for boot camp and I left for college. I went to college thinking I was on track to be the next Katie Couric (sorry, that was just me laughing out loud) and dreaming of big city living thanks to shows like "The Hills", before we found out that reality television was anything but (gasp)! In college I discovered my eye for design and quickly fell in love with graphic design, and thats how I became an out-of-state art major (I'm really sorry mom and dad). Fast forward a couple of years, I found myself as a new wife, in a constantly changing state (both figuratively and literally) thanks to the Navy. For the past ten years the word that sums it up for me is adaptation.

This year brought my husbands separation from the Navy and with it, the hope of roots, familiarity and permanence; something we had been dreaming of for years. With the birth of my son two years ago, I began to pick up my camera more and more and with my formal art background, I realized all of the required courses I took in college really leant themselves to how I looked at light and composition in taking photos.  My small business dreams started to take shape in the early fall of this year, and that is all they would amount to had it not been for the gentle nudges and daily affirmations from my husband. I lived with a constant spirit of fear before I realized that nothing was holding me back from trying.

The wonderful thing about living in the suburbs is there is no shortage of beautiful families to take pictures of. And that is how I want to start this blog off, with a beautiful family, inside and out. Kevin and I met them shortly after moving in and they have become some of our closest friends and people we can't wait to do life with.